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digital solutions that help grow your brand

From Strategy to Web Design, I help my clients get what they want. I will listen to your goals (I mean really listen) and offer solutions that get results. If you want to improve your website, your marketing, or anything in between, let’s talk.



Strategy, Web Design, Digital Marketing
I work with brands across the US to highlight what matters most and reach customers that care. Whether it’s a product launch, eCommerce design, or a strategy session, everything I do feeds my clients’ goals and is worth the time of their customers.

Product Launch Consultation
Shopify Website Design
Wordpress Website Design
SEO & PPC Management

Brand Identity
Copy-writing & Content Production
Macro Marketing Strategy
Social Media Consulting

Whether you would like to reach new customers or reconnect with your current ones, I can help.

“Connor is everything a modern marketing organization wants. He’s a whiz with communicating B2B tech strategy across marketing channels and has a proven track record of adding value to our brand. Whether it’s social media management, content creation, or macro marketing strategy, Connor will get it done! We can’t recommend him enough.”

Chuck LeGros
Chuck LeGros
Head of Growth | Lexalytics


See the impact of my work
See the impact of well-thought-out and targeted efforts. These case studies highlight specific projects, their scope, and the effect they had for my clients.
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Writing Portfolio

Some of my writing
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