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NLP Airport Social Campaign

September 6, 2018
NLP Airport Social Campaign

Using “wild” customer feedback to illustrate the value of social listening.

Lexalytics is the industry leader in translating text into profitable decisions; they make state-of-the-art cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analysis technologies that transform customers’ thoughts and conversations into actionable insights.


Dec. 2018




Social Media Creative

The Challenge

The challenge was highlighting Lexalytics new blog series, “The Definitive Data-Driven Airport Ranking List.” In this blog series, Lexalytics used their AI text analytics technology to analyze Facebook reviews of the top 10 US airports. The social campaign needed to introduce their technology, highlight the results of their analyses, and illustrate the value of their offering to potential end-users.

The Strategy

My approach was to use their text analytics technology to find the most eye-catching feedback from the analysis. I highlighted tweets to illustrate the value of collecting this feedback for their end-users (in this case, airports) while entertaining the average follower.

Paring this creative with a Twitter campaign targeting the cities featured within the piece maximized its reach and impact.


After launch, the organic reach and engagement of the creative were powerful. The promoted campaign was a significant success with over 19,673 impressions in just ten days. This campaign resulted in over 1000 engagements with a 5.38% engagement rate, pushing the blog post to one of the successful posts in their history.

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